by Patrick J. Burns (Grade 1, 2:07)
Desert Caravan portrays a large group of people moving across the desert in a seemingly endless caravan line. We see the caravan silhouetted against the dunes, people and animals moving steadily onward, motivated by the constant beat of drums. As they pass us by and move off into the distance, their images and sounds fade away into the landscape and into our memory.

by Chris M. Bernotas (Grade 1.5, 2:30)
A strong sense of rhythm, dramatic melodic lines, and tension and release characterize the sound and feel of Distant Journeys. The rhythmic nature of this piece gives the sense of traveling and adventure, perhaps through the hot sands of a desert, or through a thick jungle. Let your students use their imagination to create their own journey through this piece.

by Travis J. Weller (Grade 1, 2:15)
Ludwig van Beethoven is known for many wonderful contributions to the late Classical and early Romantic Era in music history, but might be best remembered for the hymn tune that emerged from the final movement of his Ninth Symphony. Alongside original material that grows from the majestic opening, Fanfare of Joy quotes that famous hymn tune as a two-fold reminder of music’s intrinsic power: It brings people from different walks of life together and brings them great joy. Never before have our bands been more important to our schools and communities as a reminder of those aspects of music. My hope is that this piece serves you and your students well delivering that message to your schools, families and communities. Thank you in advance for your support of this work, and best wishes as you deliver a Fanfare of Joy!

by Chris M. Bernotas (Grade 1.5, 2:44)
A Supernova is a massive explosion of a star that creates an immense force and energy. Supernova is an exciting piece that includes interesting harmonies, textures and rhythms. Driven by an energetic percussion section, young musicians will be engaged with strong rhythms are melodic motives. This piece is creative and crafted with student development and artistry combined.


by Chris M. Bernotas (Grade 1, 2:30)
Artemis was the twin of Apollo and the goddess of hunting and the wilderness.  Her images often evoke power and strength.  Artist renditions of the great Temple of Artemis show an enormous structure that symbolizes the power of the goddess. This piece is filled with strong open harmonies and powerful rhythms.  Block style is utilized as well as call and answer, which will help your students become independent in their performance.  Technical challenges are limited, thereby allowing students and directors to focus on the artistic interpretation of the piece.


by Patrick J. Burns (Grade 1, 2:00)
The easiest piece in the Bandworks catalog, Victory Lap will allow your elementary-level band to be exposed to playing a piece in the style of a ceremonial march. Strong rhythms underpin tuneful writing, and articulated passages are juxtaposed with flowing lyric phrases.