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Bandworks Publications was founded in March 2010 by composer/conductor/educator Patrick J. Burns. Our aim is to publish high quality band literature which has serious artistic merit while maintaining its accessibility to students, educators and audiences alike.

Our music may not fit the mold of most of the concert music out there in terms of formal structure or subject matter because we strive to be just a bit different from what you may be used to.

Our aim is quality, not quantity. We can provide a little oasis of singularity in the vast universe of band literature. We want to be the item on the menu that you’ve wanted to try for the longest time. 

When you buy any piece from us, either in PDF or hard-copy form, you have our permission to make as many copies of parts as you need for your band’s performance – period.


Music is expensive and budgets are tighter than ever these days, so value is important. We all know that kids lose music sometimes (and we directors misplace things occasionally, too!), and each of us has encountered the ensemble with a particularly huge section here or there. After you purchase our music, copy it according to your band’s needs. (Just remember that photocopying music and distributing to a band that isn’t yours is still frowned upon.)

Ordering is easy. You can do everything directly from this site (credit cards, checks, purchase orders) and if you choose the PDF option, you’ll receive the music via e-mail immediately after we process your order.

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We have long been great supporters of Patrick Burns and his music.  Bandworks is wonderful company supporting music and musicians as well as providing a publishing venue for many talented composers and arrangers.  We have performed many of their selections and will continue to do so.

Dr. Chris Wilhjelm,

Director, New Jersey Wind Symphony

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