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for three solo clarinets and band


by J.S. Bach, Arranged by Richard Summers (Grade 4.5/5, 6:30)
The Allegro for three solo clarinets and band is the first movement of one of Bach’s most famous works, the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. Originally written for two recorders, solo violin, and strings, this arrangement was written for the Ridgewood Concert Band’s Summer 2010 European tour under the direction of Dr. C. Christian Wilhjelm and soloists Richard Summers, Janet Vidovich, and Stephen Summers. There are many clarinet solos and duos arranged with band accompaniment, but no arrangements could be found for three clarinet soloists and band. The original setting was always a favorite of mine and was a joy to arrange. The three clarinet soloists equally share all of the original solo parts, blending the virtuosic violin solos with the melody and the harmony of the recorders. It is challenging but rewarding for the soloists and very playable for the band.

Allegro - Printed Score and Parts

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