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Hmm, what is an enigma? That person in your life only described as an inscrutable mystery, the concept in your theory textbooks you cannot quite wrap your head around, or just some idea you cannot convey accurately. All of the above are examples of everyday enigmas, and unsurprisingly, Enigma was inspired by these observations.


While growing up, I frequently struggled to express myself and how I perceived the world. Going through the Churchill Jr. High School band program myself, I spent almost every lunch period in my band directors' offices; pestering them with questions about composition, orchestration, and general "band nerd stuff." In doing this, I began to unknowingly learn how to express myself and my thoughts not with words, but through music.


Enigma is just that: the curiosity, the befuddlement, the ups and downs, and the mere everyday quirkiness of life that we all experience. Get lost in your thoughts, daydream, learn how to express yourself, and enchant the world with the curiosity and excitement that can only arise from an enigma!

Enigma by Franklin D. Hansen (Grade 3+, 4:00) PDF Score and Parts

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