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by Patrick J. Burns (Grade 3, 4:41)
Oceanport Overture: Metamorphosis was written as a gift for the Maple Place Middle School “Charger” Band (Dianne Ruggeri, Director) in Oceanport, New Jersey. In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed many shore communities along the east coast. Located on the northern stretch of the Jersey shore, Oceanport suffered a great deal; many families lost their homes and businesses and remained displaced for months after the storm passed. Based on a single theme which is presented in a variety of ways through three different keys, the main idea of the piece undergoes many changes, but ultimately remains the same. This musical concept is meant to reflect the character and determination of the people of Oceanport as they rebuild their lives in the aftermath of such great tragedy.

Oceanport Overture: Metamorphosis - PDF Score

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