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by Michael Mahadeen (Grade 4, 2:00)

Take the Stage, a short, declamatory fanfare, was written for the John J. Cali School of Music (Montclair State University) in celebration for the opening of their new facility in Chapin Hall. Beginning with bright, strong, syncopated chords in the brass intended to announce the beginning of a concert, the piece quickly gives way to a sweeping, majestic and triumphant melody in the clarinets and horns accompanied by an unceasing, energetic ostinato, echoing the feeling of confidence and adrenaline common before the beginning of a performance. After a repetition of this melody in the trumpets and flutes, a lighter, softer section of reverse pyramids is heard in the woodwinds. The theme then returns, quietly at first then fully orchestrated, building to a return of the original brass chords. The piece concludes with another reverse pyramid and short push to the final measure.

Take the Stage - Printed Score

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